Pet Names

Yes, I'm it again and again and again. I've been asked by crazygirl and jewels to reveal our pet names or nicknames that we call one another. No name calling in this house, only sweet sugary love names drip from our lips. *snort* We do love one another. (don't vomit).

Abbey. The "terminator"! If she's touching it or even looking at it there's pretty good odds that she is going to destroy it'. Crush it! Also we call her our little "bruiser". Poor little Katie doesn't stand a chance when Abbey's in the room. If Abbey wants it Abbey takes it. That's my girl. If she can't take it she bounces Katie on her butt. Katie has gotten wiser to Abbey's Antics and is not as tolerant. ha ha. We also call her "Miss charming Pants" as everyone thinks she's so sweet. Oh if they could only see behind closed doors.....and my favorite pet name for her "Abba-daba-do".

Katie. "Lil Miss Princess I'm not gonna walk cuz someones gonna carry me and I'm way too cute"! She sometimes flat out refuses to walk and will say "carry me mommy". We also call her "peanut, bug, hollywood, and kissy face girl". Also "Katie-did" and my "little buttercup".

Jeff, besides hot daddy, I call him "Boo, Homer, (not hummer) Tigger Bubby Boy all of which are not his name or anyone in his family. Also "Gator Jeff" (for his beloved Gators) He was called Jaffe (spanish for Jeff) while in college. I call him Jeffrey(his name) when I want something. When I'm being real silly "honey pot" or cupcake. Isn't he adorable? Delish!

Me. Princess. It is all about me, right? What else, right?! *snicker* Yep, The name has stuck now, and for years. My friends started the trend and have called me this forever (lovingly)and now my fans do too. I'm sure it has nothing to do with people graveling and waiting on me. A real life IT girl! Bwahaha. I was famous in my "other" life. I like to be taken care of. Not that I grew up as some privileged snob. Oh no, I've just acquired the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Only not so rich now and not so famous. One of my favorites is "Princess Blue Eyes" for my dreamy blue eyes--*snort* although they sort of hang and sag now. Like my ass. Then there's "control freak" "gotta have her way" and "spoiled rotten". In the day I use to get asked "Where's Archie"? Duh, you figure it out. I didn't find it so amusing back then. "My all time favorite is Aphrodite" my airline friends called me this and "sex kitten". Must have been the way I purrrrrr. Darling man oh so affectionately calls me "pork chop" although I don't find it so flattering...There you have it.