Yester Year 1987-88

Yes, we were fashion "icons" before our time. WE made wearing BIG fashionable. Glasses that is. Either that or we were preparing for our old age with our "wrap around" glaucoma wear. At any rate we thought we looked good. D-ski(her childhood nickname-friend for 30+years) was just here for a visit and we laughed until we pee'd ourselves looking at pics from the time capsule and slingin' back the wine. Our glasses were bigger than we were. Seriously! I was cracking myself up looking at my choice of "bling" back then. I look like a version of "Mrs. T". Could I have worn any more jewelry? You know I like the stuff, but jeez oh pease. What's up with the cocktail ring? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! Oh, maybe we were having cock-me tails. Clueless.....but we thought we looked gorgeous.

Here we are "today" looking all stylish in our up to date eye wear.