Trying it out again

So Lillie set this up for a couple of months back and it seemed like such a pain to me, but somehow she connected with Brynne, a friend from home, from a mutual friend. So I looked up Brynne's blog, saw Emily's, linked up with Rose's, then linked up to Jeanine''s crazy what a small world it is! Soooo....I suppose Lillie you are right, it is fun. I still don't know how faithful I'll be though. But hey, at the moment Kate is sound asleep in her swing, Tanner is playing with his cars and my lunch is on the stove, so for right now it's working.

So to update for all those old friends of mine....I got married to Shad 7 years ago, I finished up school and then taught 2nd grade while Shad got settled in hi job. Two years ago we had Tanner and 4 months ago we had Kate. My world has definitely been rocked these last 4 months since Kate has been born, but I feel like things are finally settling down.

I better sign off now, Kate woke up and I want to post some pics.