Sleeping Beauty

The mood has slightly improved. Sleeping beauty(mommy) is so in need of a good nights rest that she has turned into the evil wicked witch. Bwah, bwah.

We had another sleepless night last night and yes, dh was by my side this time. I think he may have felt a little guilty or sorry for me. We have affectionately come to call Monday "Hell Monday" due to me leaving the house at Oh-dark hundred and not arriving home until late. Looong damn day.

Daddy always flies solo on Sunday with the girls meaning no help--from anyone, and it appears (just a little mommy observation) that possibly girls (Abbey) did not get enough fiber in diet yesterday. Needless to say when we put girls to bed Abbey immediately started the crying. I of course thought "no, not this again". But I should have known something was up as there was an aroma in the room that only a mother chimp could love! Anyway, she cried and cried and cried even after we had left the room. I went back upstairs to check on her and she was sitting in the corner of her crib moaning. To make matters worse the room smelled like a total shit box. Her diaper was clear however. Could it be gas? I came back downstairs and asked(didn't want to interrogate) J. if girls had eaten much fruit? He said they had a banana and mango. I ask him "did they have any cheese by chance?" DH answers quite excitedly "oh, yes, yes they did". The light bulb went on. "Oh, that's the problem. she's obviously bound up tighter than a clock". She does fall asleep about 40 minutes later. Thank g-d. But, at 2:30am I'm startled by a high pitch scream! Frick, frick, frick. This time J. hears her too. I was pissed. I was tired. We both crept down the hall into her room. "What is that smell"? Good gawd it's rank. It's a wonder they are able to sleep with the rancidness of it. Abbey is lying on her belly whimpering. I put my finger in the back of her diaper. I know. you're wondering what kind of idiot does that?! Meet idiot. Me. What I feel initially is alarming. It is solid rock hard and huge. Dang. I thought something had moved into her diaper. Was it an alien? No, poor baby had just shit a brick! Two. No wonder she was crying. J. gathers diaper and powder and I grab baby. We diaper her and quickly put her back in bed. She fortunately sleeps through the rest of the night and wakes up in a sunny mood.

Just to be on the safe side tonight we gave her a laxative (hasn't had a poo-poo all day) in hopes to elevate any middle of the night wake-up call. Wish me luck.... Why is that we have not started the potty training.!!??? Note to self: Get on with it!