Cruella de Ville

Evil. Yep, that's what I feel like this morning! My ever so cute sweet utterly adorable Abbey (but of course) was up all night. Literally. And so was mommy. Hence the mood.

8:00pm the girls are in the bed. We give kissy face good night kisses and daddy and I walk out of room and close door. Abbey immediately pops her head up and starts screaming. I open the door and say "shh, shh, nighty, night". I tip toe downstairs. She continues to screams for 30-40 minutes before finally falling off to sleep. This has been going on, well longer than I'd like to admit.

11:00pm "What was that"? Uh, crap, it's Abbey again. She's screaming. I go check on her. Pat her butt for a few minutes and she falls back asleep. I crawl out of room and hope that I don't trip on something.

3:00am. "It can't be". I roll over and look at Jeff (who by the way sleeps with the machine--sleep apnea) and I clearly see there is no movement from him. He hears nothing. He's in slumber land. Naturally. I crawl once again outta bed and go check on Abbey. Again pat her on the back and quietly tell her to "shh, shh". G-d help me if she wakes up peanut. Back to bed I go.

6:30am. "No, no, no". She's up again. I can barely muster the energy to fall out of the bed. Too tired. I walk into her room and she is standing in the crib screaming at the top of her lungs. I look over at Katie and she is sound asleep. How can this kid not be awake? Always my good sleeper. Of course I couldn't get lucky and have two good sleepers. I pick Abbey up and kiss her little head. She pats my back as if to say "I'm glad you're here mommy". I lye her back down in her crib and cover her up. Once again I crawl back into bed. I only have a few minutes before I need to get ready for work.

Needless to say I am feeling (as my dear friend Rob would say) a little like Cruella de Ville this morning. I have two contract appointments today. I desperately hope that my mood does not shine through... Note to self: Take mood enhancers before leaving house!

Must get more sleep tonight.