FFF challenge -- Strollers

Donna over at Double Happiness is doing a foto challenge this week an it's all about baby strollers. You wanna play? Here are the very simple rules.

We have a twin Peg Perego(or is it prego? It's so damn big and bulky. Plus four umbrella strollers. Don't plan on buying any more either. I can't say that I use any of them too much any more as they're such a pain to get in and out of the car. I have yet to get the dang things down an aisle in any department store with out picking off a few innocent bystanders. Plus the kids usually have a bad case of whip lash. Easier to have the girls follow mommy! Really. As crazy as that sounds....Less painful.

I loved this foto. It was taken just a few days after the girls were placed in our arms. Katie's little feet were in constant motion and Abbey couldn't stop touching her foot. Strollers were courtesy of the hotel.