Time change is wrecking havoc on us

Boy this time change has really screwed up my girls bed time. It was bad enough that Abbey cried every night for the firs nine months when we put her to bed. One of those piercing cries that makes you want to poke your eye out. Or drink. That my friends will test your sanity! Finally, she starts sleeping and things seem pretty normal. No, no, no. Now Katie. I don't understand it especially after the pilates they do every night. ha ha. Really. They should be


Since this dang time change Katie has been screaming for 30-40 minutes every night. This is not a test. She stands in her crib and will scream until daddy or mommy checks in on her. The minute we open the door she flings herself down on her bed and grabs her stuffed dog "Bruce" and "Pinky". So dramatic. The minute I leave the room she is back up screaming. Tonight when I walked into her room she was barely awake holding onto the crib. She knew I was coming. ha ha. She threw herself down and I rubbed her back until she dozed off. Man can she snore. Anyway, I think she may have us fooled. They are smart.

Daddy had to go to Jacksonville, Florida this evening very spur of the moment. I barely stumbled in from work when Jeff's driver pulled up. I realized after he was gone that he had left me--the one legged bandit to care for the babies, and the dog until he returns. Hmmmm this could be interesting. Thank goodness for Ja-Or. I owe her big time! We love you dear and we're going to miss you so much...