Our Little Gators

Was it coincidental that our friend Selwyn just happened to bring the babies "Gator" pillows right before the big play-off game yesterday?! Uh-no! ha ha. Didn't hurt that they won either. ha ha. If I had to guess Jeff was probably squeezing the crap out of the pillows for good luck. He is a freak a-do. Loves his Gators.

Our friend Selwyn is also an Alumni/Florida native and old neighbor. Jeff can smell a Gator a 100 miles away! Seriously. It is an art form.

We knew Selwyn was working on something very special, but had no idea what. We were so surprised. Especially when we found out that he had given his mother very special instructions on how to make the pillows down to the "Gator" fabric. Who would have thought? And she made a quilt for both of the girls too! What an awesome friend.

The girls seem to like the pillows too. They immediately curled up on them. Little do they know daddy is going to put them up for safe keeping with their other Gator memorabilia.