Houdini? Naw--Just Katie!

We've had to resort to some pretty drastic measures here at the nut house. Real drastic. Our little Houdini- Katie figured out how to wiggle out of her pajamas and worse yet the diaper too! We have been lucky so far that she has not left any toxic waste in the bed although she has on a couple of occasions squatted in the corner of the crib and took a pee. And better yet, she stands in the crib and screams after she does it. I guess we should be thankful that she gives us warning. Man does it stink though. I hate (not that I ever do) changing those darn crib sheets. Jeff's official job.

So after careful Internet research (you've all been there too...) I think we may have out smarted her-- well for at least another day or two! ha ha. We fixed her good. We are now putting their diapers on backwards. Tabs in the back! Take that our little magician. Notice Abbey looking on as Daddy changes Katie's diaper and tries out the new method. She's wondering if she's next. haha.

Everything I've been reading says they're probably ready to be potty trained. Unfortunately I'm not ready yet. I did think the suggestion to use "duct-tape" was a bit extreme. Clearly not a "Rony" fashion statement. We do have our standards. But, I guess I should never say never..............