Final Post Placement Visit-Yea!

We had our final post placement visit yesterday--me with no coffee or eats since the night before due to surgery last evening. But we can still celebrate--Yea!!!! I can now cross that off my list.

Boy were the girls in rare form. They had a captivated audience and did they show off. Haha. They had Beth laughing as they were doing splits, somersaults, singing, dancing, counting and trying so desperately to talk to her... it was hysterical. You would think they had never seen a stranger. I swear we do take them out --occasionally. haha.

Of course even the perfect scenario can turn sour within minutes. And with two---well challenging at times. Unfortunately Beth got to witness one of Abbey's little meltdowns. haha. Her comment was "I can see she is just trying to get her way". We all know that rarely happens as mommy is much stronger willed! For now anyway. We do pick and choose our battles. haha. Anyway a slight distraction and Abbey was into something else. Forgot what it was she was crying about.

The girls both were very interested in what Beth was doing (so was the dog) and tried helping her write the report. I have no doubt it will be glowing. (wink). She said they were very bright (I take all the credit) and extremely healthy.

Just an update on the ankle surgery. I was in some pain last night however feeling pretty good after taking the pain medication. Than G-d for drugs. heehee. I now have a plate and six screws in my leg. I wonder if I will have problems getting through airport security?! Not that we're taking any plane rides in the near future.... The trip home from China scared me for life!!