Papa---we will miss you March 18,2007

I write today with an extreme sadness. As many of you know Jeff's papa had been very ill and at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville the last couple weeks. Sadly Jeff called this morning to share the sad news that papa had quietly passed away early this morning.

I knew when I married my husband six+years ago that he was pretty awesome, but what I didn't know at the time was that I would like or even fall in
love with his family! They were so easy to like how could I not?

Irvin and Bernice Ghelerter define what family is all about. I know from experience how much Jeff looked up and admired his grandparent's. I would often hear him on the phone discussing a "Gator" win or the occasional(ha ha) loss with his papa. Irvin too was a proud UF alumni. I guess that's why it was so important for Jeff to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. G-d does he love his beloved "Gators".

I know that my husband will pass to our children
the morals and beliefs that his papa instilled in him.
The old adage if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. They lived by it! I always found that so amazing. Papa, grandma too were the most non-judgemental people I have ever know. I'm just sorry that our girls did not have the opportunity to meet such a fine man. Their great grandfather.
What always has impressed me about Jeff's family was the sense of family. They always took the time when it came to the grandparent's. Where some families grumbled about going to see the grandparent's Jeff's family couldn't get there fast enough. AND everyone wanted to stay at grandma's house. They were very much a part of their lives. I know Andy who lived with his grandparent's all through college and
then some will have a real sadness.
Papa was his pal. We'll be there for you Andy....

I know Jeff and his siblings and the other grandchildren would never have thought of doing something that might have embarrassed or disappointed their papa and grandmother. As far as grandparent's go they were truly one of a kind. The Best! Not only did they give to their family, but also to their community.

Papa, you will be missed terribly. Most of all from your gorgeous bride

and partner of 60+years-Grandma. We will love you forever and not a day will go by that we will not miss you.

The pictures you see are from papa and grandma's 60th wedding anniversary last summer. I have included a picture of Claire G--my "mil." She too loved papa and grandma very much.