This is my Life!

This is my life! Crap changer. ah how sweet it is. Yep, that's me. I feel like some days I change diapers ALL freaking day. My favorite part is after I change the girls one of them will immediately take a giant poo and then tell me about it! Could she have not done that earlier?! HELLO! Remind me to potty train immediately......

What I know now:
  1. 12 diaper changes a day and chapped dried hands! The hell with manicures..
  2. 336 diapers a month--that's a lot-we need our own landfill
  3. roughly 4300 diapers a year---give or take a few--YUK!
  4. 22 trips to Costco for the super duper gigantic box of 200
  5. total cost about $800.00--simply priceless. *wink*
I know, you wish you were me.... me too! We also go through the economy size box of baby wipes too. The girls think they are truly the coolest. They clean the furniture, dog, floor and one another. Not necessarily in that order. It's no wonder we go through a giant box of wipes a month ! Thank G-d Costco is one mile from our home. Most people shop at Costco once a month. Not us. We're there weekly. We're on a first name basis. Who else can say that?

Now If I could just get the girls to stop bathing in the dog dish. Really. I can scream at them all day to stay out of Maggie's dish, but they just look at me and laught as they dive into her dish and rub their hands together and say "hand, hand". I can't help but laugh. Katie continues to go back to the water bowl and wash her hair. gage. My "mil" will die when she sees this....... They are so darn fun though....

Ok, check out Abbey--she has that damn broom again! Oh-remind me to hide that thing.....She loves her broom. You know , maybe she is trying to tell me something? I really didn't think the house was that dirty , after all Maria was just here on Friday. Maybe Abbey has a different standard than mommy. And I thought I was "fussy".