Boots and dinner.

Yesterday evening, after Daddy got home from work, we headed to a department store to buy new winter boots for Kerri.  It has already snowed, and the new boots we bought her last month are too tight on her now and caused blisters.

It was not easy finding a snow boot that would fit comfortably: Kerri has a wide foot, and one foot is bigger than the other one.  But we finally settled on a pink and black Kamik boot, size 4.

We ended the evening at Boston Pizza for dinner, where Kerri eats free (they had a promotion where you donated a small amount to their charity and they gave you a card worth five free kids' meals).  Kerri learned quite a bit about boxing since they were showing an HBO Sports boxing special on the wide screen TV's in the restaurant.  It led to some interesting conversations about sports, injuries, the value of a good education, career planning, and money.  And after all that, Kerri's last question was: "Do female boxers also have to box with their chest naked?".

Life with Kerri is constantly answering questions.