9 Weeks and Dreams of Burgerville

Today is the 9 week mark!  My little Nugget is growing strong, and according to my apps, is either the size of a cherry, green olive or a grape.  A cherry seems plumper to me and so that's the fruit I will be going with this week.  Babies should be round and plump!  One interesting thing that I didn't know is that Nugget's gender has been decided but the sex organs won't be distinguishable for another month or two.  He or she has eyes and eyelids, a 4 chamber heart that beats really fast, nerves, ear lobes, little webbed fingers and toes, and no more tail! The images that the apps show still make Nugget look like a little alien with a head as big as the whole rest of the body, but whatever.  I love my little alien. :)

I am going to gush on my husband for a second, so if that bugs you, skip to the next paragraph!  I for sure made the right choice when I married him.  I'm just constantly amazed at how unselfish and how supportive he is.  I haven't cooked a meal in probably a month, and don't even get me started on the housework (which I usually do thanks to a day off in the middle of the week from work).  When I have to run to the bathroom to throw up, he just brings me water and leaves me alone (thank goodness).  He offers to go buy me anything I want to eat, or warns me when to not watch the TV (like during the Walking Dead's most recent episode...gory). When the smell of his tacos was a little too strong for me, he offered to go eat in the other room.  He bought me a nightstand lamp so I could go read in bed and not have to get up to turn the lights off. He's giving me space, he's letting me do what I need to do and just supporting me and loving me and being happy with me.  I just love my husband.  He's committed to going to all the doctor's visits with me, and he's going to go on hospital tours with me and I don't feel alone. When I burst into tears during Fantine singing "I Dreamed a Dream" when Les Miserables on TV (like, gut wrenching hiccup crying) he just gave me a hug and told Nugget to stop making Mommy cry!

He asked me the other day how it felt to be pregnant and the first word out of my mouth was "weird." And maybe that's not a very "glowing pregnant woman" thing to say, but it really is.  Everything I think, everything I feel, the way my body looks and how it moves, it all feels just weird and it's different.  It's just like my body isn't mine anymore, and I'm pretty used to my body being my own!  And I know, it's only going to get weirder.  But every week that passes, I feel more relaxed and more excited.  We're almost out of that first trimester danger zone, and I will tentatively say while knocking on wood that my morning sickness hasn't been so bad the past few days.  I've been eating regular food and though I still feel nauseous in the mornings, mostly it's not so bad the rest of the day.  I even had a craving for Burgerville yesterday--Washington people know about this west coast fast food chain.  Trust me to have a craving for chicken strips from a place called Burgerville that's 2000 miles away.  This better not be how the next 7 months go!!

My goals for the next few weeks are to start reading to Nugget so he or she will grow up to love reading and be an early reader and very smart, and to make sure I go to bed by 10pm or earlier.  Even worse than the morning sickness is the FATIGUE!  I constantly feel like I need to just go lay down.  I'm noticing that I'm sitting more often at work, and having to drag myself through the last half of my ten hour days.  It's definitely hard to feel excited and do the glowing thing when you just feel wiped out.  Maybe one of my apps will have tips on how to keep my energy up!  Christmas season is here and I can't afford to feel too tired when there is shopping to be done!  I keep going through things in my head...last Thanksgiving, just the two of us, last Christmas, just the two of us, last birthdays just the two of us.  Thank goodness though, I asked Mark last night if he felt ready for a baby and he said "No" pretty quickly, which is just how I feel too.  Again, so nice to not feel alone!

That's all for this week.  Still no belly pictures, but mostly because I don't think I have much of a belly yet.  Although, my work pants DID feel a little tight yesterday...so maybe I shouldn't wait too much longer!


PS-So, a well wisher gave Prince William a onesie with "Daddy's Little Co-Pilot" written on it at a recent event.  He said, "I'll keep this" and gave it to his aide to hold onto.  Could this be a sign that the rumors are true?!  How exciting!