My weekend in Montreal.

On Friday night after Nana and Megan got off work, they picked me up and we headed to Montreal.  We arrived at the hotel at 1 AM, but the girls had a hard time finding parking, and did not make it to the room until 2 AM.  We did not get much sleep, since we had to get up early to move the car so it would not be fined or towed.

On Saturday morning after breakfast, we went for a walk on a very popular downtown street.  I took pictures, we watched street performers, and we bought some beautiful art from a street vendor.  And then we met up with a friend for lunch at Reubens.

After a wonderful meal, we went back to the hotel (where I decided to stay since I had a stomach bug).  The girls went to the Village and got their nails done, and then came back to the hotel - where we met up with Catherine (who was going to stay with us overnight).  I sent the girls to dinner, and watched TV.  And then I took a walk to a local store and bought cheese, crackers, veggies, hummus, beer and wine.

By the time the girls got back, I had a nice little spread put out.  Another friend stopped by to say hello (but Nana gave her the wrong room number so she ended up a few doors down!).  And then the giggles started.  I went to bed earlier, since I was still feeling pretty crappy.  And the girls stayed up laughing and watching TV.

The next morning we checked out of the Marriott and went out for breakfast.  And then we headed to Old Montreal and Chinatown.  I took it all in...surrounded by yellow fall leaves all over the ground, a windy Fall day, cobblestone streets and amazing old architecture (and some new!), Chinatown, was simply amazing.  We ended the day going to pick up some famous Montreal bagels for Kerri, and then headed home.

Hubby called constantly, and sent me messages on Facebook, and emails.  He said Kerri was behaving, but I could tell he could not wait for me to get home.  I talked to Kerri on the phone several times a day, and she sounded happy. 

When we arrived, we could hear them in the bathroom through the slightly open window upstairs.  Kerri was taking a shower, and hubby was rinsing all the extra soap she had used in her hair.  They sounded happy, and normal.  And then it happened.  Hubby told Kerri that I was at the door, and she went into full blown RAD meltdown.  She started screaming "Daddy you're burning me!".  It was all I could do to get into the house to try and calm her down before someone called the police. 

Of course Kerri was not burned.  She was absolutely fine.  Hubby was not hurting her at all.  But as soon as she knew I was home, she put on a show - tears and all.  Thankfully, my neighbors have heard her freak out before, so no one called the police.  Nana has seen her like this before, and knows hubby is incapable of harming Kerri.  Megan on the other hand seemed a bit concerned - but if you did not know about Kerri, you would be too.  It breaks my heart that even after all this time, and all the therapy, Kerri still has issues.  It doesn't happen often anymore, but it is a painful reminder of all she went through.  And how, no matter how much we love and comfort her, there is still a hurt and traumatized child deep in her psyche that has not healed.  RAD stinks.

We decided hubby will no longer help Kerri in the bathroom.  And I don't think I will be going away again.

Life with Kerri sometimes hurts.