Not More Wedding Cakes...

Are you getting tired of seeing wedding cakes and hearing about weddings yet? If you are you may want to step away from my blog until about October. Maybe something unrelated to weddings will start happening then.

There are other things going on- like my beloved oven suddenly and inexplicably malfunctioning and ruining a wedding cheesecake. At first I thought it was me malfunctioning from exhaustion while baking just one more thing before bedtime. But when the early morning cheesecake also got over-baked, I figured out it was my oven and did a little Stationary Panic (anyone ever read Patrick McManus?) wondering how I was going to bake thirty-four cakes, two more cheesecakes, a dozen cupcakes, five slab pies and one hundred tartlette crusts for the five weddings next weekend.

Long story short is that the oven is working today. Suddenly and inexplicably. Either because my husband cut the power and rebooted the oven's computer, or because of all the prayer, or more likely- both! I don't care how, just Thank You, God!

Then there is the garden, all green and lush from the August heat. Lush with weeds and green with tomatoes. I plan to show some photos of the tomato crop if I can get out there to take some. If the weather holds out I might actually have a harvest. The very first ripe tomato was found by our one free range chicken. That is her annual August mission- to peck holes in my first tomato. But the second and third ripe tomatoes we ate on our salad tonight-- and they were gooooood!

There is lots and lots of salad in my forecast as my husband and I have just begun a 21 day cleanse. It's not nice when on the first day of a cleanse I have to bake banana cupcakes. Banana cake is my most favoritist cake in the world. I may or may not have eaten a couple crumbs.

If you can stand to see a couple more wedding cakes, here are two from the last batch-

Berry cakes are my most requested design and this is another version. I'm getting better at them and I like this one a lot. So did the bride. It was very sweet when she told me that after she decided she wanted a berry cake, she changed her color theme to match the cake!

She had been planning on yellow and orange and instead changed the bouquets to berry colors.

Here was an unique idea at that wedding reception-

The leaves on the tree are the thumbprints of the guests, each signed with their name. What a nice remembrance.

I also made another version of the "rustic" cake with simple herbs for decoration.

I promise I'll blog about something else next time...