Home sweet home!

The night before we left, hubby and I celebrated with a glass of an orange flavoured Bacardi Breezer.  Kerri walked in and noticed our glasses with the orange liquid in them, and asked what we were drinking.  Hubby quickly responded: "It's a drink for old people.", and without blinking an eye, Kerri said: "Oh, you mean Metamucil.".  And yes we laughed.

We had such a wonderful time in Toronto that we took our time to come back home.  Before checking out, Kerri and her Daddy went to the pool one last time.  The housekeeper came to say goodbye.  The same valet we always see every year took care of packing up our Mama Mobile, and high-fiving Kerri.  And after lots of goodbyes, we set out on our road trip home.

It was pouring when we got home.  So we left the van packed and just grabbed Pookie and ran inside.  A few hours later it slowed down, and hubby was able to bring in our luggage without getting too wet.  And boy, did it feel good to sleep in my bed last night!

Today I did some food shopping, and this evening all the neighbors grabbed a chair and came to chat in our front yard.  Everyone petted Pookie.  We caught up on the last two weeks worth of gossip.  Kerri played with all her friends.  And as I looked around, I thought it was good to be back home.  And how lucky we are to have such awesome neighbors.  We stayed out until it got dark and the mosquitoes were biting.

Life with Kerri enjoyed Toronto, but is glad to be home, sweet home.