Update from Toronto

We spent three luxurious days and nights at The Grand Hotel.  The rooftop garden had an outdoor movie screen so you could watch a movie while soaking in the pool-sized hot tubs.  The view of the city at night was awesome.  And the indoor pool area was lovely.  Kerri loved the gift shop too.  Over all, the hotel was a bit too fancy shmancy for my simple tastes, but very comfortable and with incredibly attentive staff.  We had housekeeping twice a day - that reminded me of The White Swan in China!

On Wednesday, we changed over to our favourite hotel...the Marriott Residence Inn.  We have a spacious one bedroom suite with a nice sized kitchen.  I feel much more at home here, and the staff knows us from our previous stays.  Kerri and Pookie get spoiled, and I like the fact that I can cook and do laundry....especially on a three week trip.

We are looking forward to exploring the city this weekend, and meeting up with friends next week.  In the meantime, Kerri and I have been exploring during every day, and enjoying the indoor pool and hot tub every evening.  And Pookie has made himself right at home on our comfy king size bed.

Life with Kerri is enjoying Toronto so far.