Cross that off her list.

It never fails...anytime we go to a hotel, Pookie finds a way to get into something he shouldn't.  This time he stole a Cadbury milk chocolate bar from hubby's desk.  He doesn't seem to be any worse for eating it, but since chocolate is toxic to dogs we worried all night long.

Today we set off on foot to Toronto's famous Chinatown.  Kerri was on a mission: to find a Chinese fan and umbrella.  She actually bought a few more things, and I picked up some tea.  Along the way, we took some pictures, and bought Tia three pretty fans too.

As I type this, Kerri and her Daddy are visiting the CN Tower.  It's another item on Kerri's bucket list that is getting scratched off today.  Yes, my daughter made a bucket list for this trip.

Life with Kerri is filling her bucket with wonderful experiences.