Their Turn on the Inside

Samuel and Peter have been attending the county fair every year since they were born. Samuel made his first rounds of the animals barns when he was a mere one month old.
Every one of their older siblings have taken animals to show at the county fair- pigs, goats, cattle, chickens and rabbits- which means these two boys have seen a lot of show rings- but always from the outside. This year was their first time to get inside the show ring and face a judge with their own animal.

Luckily, their big sister was around to remind them of all the details they needed to remember in the ring- always, always face the judge- smile!- always move around the front of the goat, never the back. Keep the goat between you and the judge, keep the goat's feet set up in a square pattern, if the judge touches your goat, brush the goat's coat down afterward...

....look like you are having fun every moment no matter how bad the goat is acting- smile!- hold the goat's head up and keep those feet set up, listen to the judge's instructions and follow them exactly, don't act nervous....

For Junior Novices, the boys did really well.

They faced down the judge and pretty well remembered all of their sister's instructions.

Though the goats themselves only got red ribbons (for a lack of "finish") the boys both got blue ribbons for their showmanship.

And Samuel's smile brought home a Reserve Champion showmanship ribbon. If he follows the lead of his older siblings it won't be the last one.