Bucket list is almost done.

Yesterday we had a late start, because hubby's coworker unexpectedly came to visit us.  So it was 1:30 PM by the time we made it to the Ontario Science Centre.  And with only three hours to go (because it closed at 5 PM), we managed to scratch two more things off Kerri's bucket list: going to the museum and the circus.

Our first stop was a live theatrical presentation called "Star Trek Live".  We are a family of "Trekkies", so this was top of our list of things to do at the museum.  Kerri absolutely loved it!  Our next stop was a visit to the "Circus" exhibition, where Kerri got to see and do many things: she dressed up, clowned around, and did aerial acrobatics to the cheers of the entire room.  It was definitely another highlight of our trip.

She spent the rest of the afternoon playing and exploring, and then we went to dinner at an Irish pub.  So there is only one thing left on our bucket list to do: the zoo.  But Kerri is tired and sore from the harness she wore, so we are going to put that off until our next trip here (hopefully in August).

Today is our last full day here.  It has been an amazing trip: meeting up with friends, watching Kerri scratch things off her bucket list, experiencing new things, and sharing her excitement.  I am so very glad she made a bucket list, and that we have been able to make almost everything on her list happen.

Life with Kerri's bucket is almost full.