Yesterday, Kerri invited her best friend (the ex-boyfriend) over for an impromptu play date after school.  They decided to play the "Tangled" Wii game together.  This is just a snippet of the conversations I overheard:

Kerri: "I don't need you."
Ex: "Yes you do sweetheart, I have a sword."
Kerri: "I have a frying pan, who needs a sword?"
Ex: "Why are we arguing anyway?"

And then this:

Ex: You ready to race chick?"
Kerri: "Yeah!"
Ex: "OK babe. And you know what we are going to do when we end the race? We're going to kiss."
Me: "No you're not!"
Ex: "In the game!"

Oy, they sound like a divorced couple.  And my hair just turned a few new shades of grey.

Life with Kerri is tangled with laughter.