Adjustment Period

Remember I told you that we finally found a dog to add to our family?

We've spent a couple months now getting used to each other.

It turned out that adding this dog to our family wouldn't be quite as seamless and easy as we dreamed it would be.

Though he is a sweet, friendly dog that is eager to please everyone he meets, it turns out he was never taught any real manners in his former homes. He's still learning the ropes and what it means to be a farm dog. (He had no idea!)

So he's had a lot to learn and so have the boys who are supposed to teach him.

We are making progress!

The biggest problem we are having with him right now is teaching him to control his friendliness and curiosity.
Because we have had to keep a tight rein on him it has only amped up his desire to find out what is over the horizon. At the slightest opportunity he will take off to visit the other places in the neighborhood, especially if they have canine pals- at any time of day or night.

Case in point: the other day I had him with me, on a leash, in the yard. While I was busily pointing my camera at the bees in the cherry tree, he was sniffing the wind for possibilities.

A moment later I turned around and saw this:
And Danner was four houses away, down the road, playing Deaf Dog.

At least I'm getting a little extra exercise. Right?