What happened to Spring?

Just when I put away all our cold weather gear, winter decided to show up for one last hurrah yesterday.  We got snow, freezing rain, cold temperatures, lots of wind, and then constant rain all day.  The snow melted finally, but it was still 36 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, windy, rainy and did I mention cold?  I think my spring flowers might not survive.

We are looking forward to having company this weekend!  Our friends Kerri and Jeff and their two girls are making the 6-7 hour car trip to come visit us!  We are hoping for warmer weather so we can have our first Argentine BBQ this year - Canadian style.

And if you remember the Canadian Squirrel Brigade, they are back.  Even though we have a new roof and attic.  So far the only things in my attic are grown men and traps.  Oy.

Life with Kerri is looking forward to Spring again.