Family time.

We have spent the last few days moving things around to make room for our new (replacement) couches.  Kerri inherited our old bedroom TV and DVD player - so she feels like a teenager now.  The basement playroom is now officially a family room/office.  Kerri's playroom is now in the hallway to the basement (thanks to a great IKEA organizer).  And our living room now is more of a place to sit and chat and have coffee - with enough room to add another table when we throw parties.

We showed it off today to Carol and Andre, and they really liked it!  They said the family room was very cozy, and the new living room is much larger and roomier now. 

Pookie has been really worried with all the changes.  He keeps sniffing everything, and putting a bone or ball everywhere to claim his stake.  So far, he has taken possession of our futon, the new living room carpet, the new couch and coffee table, and the hallway rug.  I think he is running out of bones and balls.

I still have to paint the walls and hang things, but I will post pictures soon.  In the meantime, we are spending some quality family time in our new family room (which by the way, Kerri says looks just like our upstairs living room used to look like).

Life with Kerri likes the changes.