A teaching moment.

As I picked up Kerri from the school bus stop the other day, her ex-boyfriend hurried to catch up to me and tell me "Kerri read to the class today!". 

I looked at Kerri, and she explained that her class had to be "evacuated" into the Kindergarten classroom because one of her classmates (the special needs bully) was "out of control".  So the teacher handed Kerri a book, and told her to take her place and read it to everyone.

I told Kerri how proud I was of her, and reminded her that just last year she did not know how to read. I did not have to remind her of her daily struggles with Dyslexia and CAPD.

And then Kerri added, "Oh and (ex-boyfriend) raised his hand and asked me if he could go to the bathroom. I felt like a real teacher at that moment.".

We all just laughed.

Life with Kerri is bursting with pride.