Coachella Part II

So two days after I wrote that last post, at about 10:15pm, we got a call from the SAME people that rented our house out the first weekend of Coachella, that they wanted to come out and do it again. Starting the next day. So we packed up, cleaned up and left all over again.

I think I've almost caught up.  When we rent it out, we lock up our office, so it sort of ended up being the dumping spot for all of our junk we didn't want out.  I need to clean that up (it's seriously looks a lot like the playroom normally does with the toys, but with office and art supplies mixed in...all over everything) and then I'm done.  YAY!!

My little garden has been going CRAZY lately.  We've been going out for months, picking tomatoes and strawberries every 3-4 days...but just a few at a time.  In my head I was adding up what I paid to plant the garden thinking, "wow.  what a great deal.  so far we are at about 5 bucks per strawberry."

THEN, it got hot.  We happened to ignore it for 1 week, and came back to this:

It still amazes me how things can just grow.  I love it. We ignored it another week (the second week of Coachella) and I picked just as many.

Now if you LOOK at the garden itself you'd get good laugh.  It's hideous.  1 bed of weakling strawberries, 1 bed of herbs that grew so big, they look like mini-trees and I physically can't pull them out.  And the of course weeds.  Everywhere.  But I learned a lot this year, so I hope next year it'll even be better.