An eye-opening moment.

I have been packing extra snacks in Kerri's lunchbox for the past few months. Not because she is in a growth spurt, but because every now and then, she has been sharing her food with kids in her class who either don't have any, or ate all their food during lunch or recess and then are hungry. But yesterday, when I asked Kerri how much of her lunch she ate at school, I was shocked to find out hardly any: she had given most of it away. She said the teachers ask the class if anyone has any food or snacks to share. Kerri reminded me I always told her to share and help others, so she goes hungry instead. And it has apparently been happening almost every day for months.

Talk about an eye-opening moment. That did it for me. I talked to hubby, who simply said: "No kid should go hungry.". And he wasn't talking about Kerri. So I wrote a note in Kerri's school agenda to her teacher. I told her what was happening, what Kerri told us, and offered to provide snacks for the classroom to prevent this from happening. I wanted to send some right away, but hubby asked me to wait for the teacher's reply. So I ended my paragraph with "Please tell us how we can help.".

We hear about starving kids in other countries all the time. But this is right here, in one of the richest countries in the world. This is happening in Kerri's class. It breaks my heart. No kid should go hungry.

Life with Kerri is waiting for the teacher's reply.