A's Letter to her Birthmom

The kid has been asking a lot of questions about her birthmom lately. Now, you might think these would be hard-hitting queries related to adoption and very difficult decisions and the like. But, you would be wrong. Here is a sample question (I am not making this up):

"Mom, does J . . . use shampoo?"

"Um, yes," I replied. "I think she is as concerned about her personal hygiene as, you know, most people are."

She nodded. "And does she play an instrument?" She went on to ask if J has any pets and what colors she likes.

I explained that although I can give her basic info about her birthmom (such as: she's pretty, she's generous, etc.), I do not have a lot of details about her ability to play an instrument and other such trivia.  I suggested she write a letter and ask her questions.

This evening, she did so. In pink ink. So, J, if you are reading this . . . there is a letter from a curious six-year-old headed your way via snail mail.  I hope you are prepared to discuss your shampoo (and possibly your conditioner) and any pets you may have. :-)