rebecca's girls

Shad went on his annual "mancation" recently...5 days full of "manly" activities, leaving the rest of us behind.  So I had my sister and 3 neices out.  It was so much fun.  My kids are in love with her girls, and her girls love my kids in return.  We had a "cousins" birthday party, where we celebrated all of the recent birthdays, exchanged gifts and ate cake.  The kids planned a festival for us.  They put up signs all over the house and back patio, marketing the festival.  We played hot potato, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and had a dance party.  Tanner made t-shirts for all of the festival workers.  = )  When the girls are here, I actually miss Tanner.  It's like he doesn't exist. He and Gracie are inseperable and so busy.  The older girls, Anna and Aliese, fight over who gets to hold Elle (which is really wonderful).  And of course I get to hang out with my dear sister Rebecca.  Thanks for coming out girls! We miss you already.