our latest smoothie concoction

So Tanner really does eat smoothies for the majority of his meals.   Three times a day.  Everyday.  Even if it's a school day, his after school snack is a smoothie and then he wants another for dinner.  If I could only pack him one in his lunch....

Because he lives on these things, I've had to get creative, so he's not just living on Greek yogurt, berries and xagave.  

Our recent fave....

1 part greek yogurt 
1 part frozen fruit...
handful of raw oats, per serving
2t chia seed (or flax seed), per serving
xagave, to taste

*did you know the kind costco sells, has 23 grams of protein per cup?!
*my favorite frozen combo is raspberries/mango, but we use everything...blueberry, pineapple, cherry, blackberry, strawberry
*xagave (pronounced, "zagave) is a brand of agave. thus far, it's the only one I trust.  I researched the company, where they get their sources, how it's processed, what goes in it, etc.  
*if you don't want to use xagave, you could use fresh, pitted dates, pure maple syrup or raw honey
*chia seed is super good for you....you can buy it at a health food store.  the taste is more subtle than flax, so I prefer it for smoothies