I'm so glad I bought the warranty.

When hubby and I moved to Canada in mid 2007, we bought beautiful reclining couches for our living room. Almost three years later, the handle broke off of one of the recliners. Since I had bought the store's five year warranty, I called them. And they sent a man over to inspect the couches.

Kerri and I still laugh about that day. The very large, muscled man was absolutely terrified of our twelve pound Pookie. Pookie knew it, so he bared his fangs and growled all the more menacingly at the poor man from his cage. And every now and then would grab the cage with his fangs and rattle it furiously, sending the man ducking for cover behind the upturned couch he was checking out. I think he might have peed his pants. He left quickly, and we never heard from him again.

About three weeks later, I called the furniture store and they said they would not be sending the man over to repair the couch (as originally scheduled). We were to come in and pick out new couches, and they would take the old ones away. So I flew my Dad up on vacation, and took him, Nana, Kerri and us to the furniture store. And after a grueling 8 hour day, where we sat on every single couch in the store at least twice, we finally chose a new set.

One year and ten months later, the couches are starting to show some wear and tear that should not be happening. Since I had bought the store's 5 year warranty again, I called them up. They sent a different man this time. And although he put on a braver front, he made it very clear to me that the dog had to go when he came back to repair my couches. Pookie did not like that, so he curled his lip, showed his fangs and went all beast in my arms. We never heard from that man again either. That was about three weeks ago. So I called the furniture store, and after a few days they called me back to tell me we are getting a full store credit for the purchase price and tax, and we have 30 days to go to any of their stores and pick out a new set. But this time, we get to keep the old couches, because they don't want them back.

So last night, hubby told me I was amazing. And I explained I had nothing to do with it, that it was the store warranty. But one of the neighbor dads had told me this was the first time he had heard about someone not having a problem with that store's warranty - not just once, but twice. So hubby and I agreed that maybe the amazing one was Pookie, and we have him to thank. As I complained to hubby about having to spend another agonizing day picking out our third set of couches in less than 5 years, hubby started to laugh. And before I knew it, we were both laughing so hard we cried. In between giggles, we hysterically came up with all the different things we could use as living room furniture, that would surely outlast this store's couches.

I suggested blow up plastic pool lounges. Hey, they have cup holders! Hubby thought we could put rugs down and use the store credit to buy every pillow they have, and have a more exotic living room. Then I suggested lawn furniture, especially the hard plastic, stackable kind. Hubby said if we needed durability, he could always build a sofa out of bricks, and then put cushions on it. I thought that would scratch the floor. So he then suggested Lego bricks. And said this way we could rearrange the furniture and change it any time. And it would double as a play room for Kerri. Pookie hid his head under my pillow. And I was amazed we did not wake up Kerri with our out-of-control fits of crazy laughter. We came up with many more funny ideas. But in the end, we resigned ourselves that we will be spending a very long weekend shopping for couches.

Life with Kerri is grateful for insurance, and our sense of humor.