It's been crazy!

Sorry I have not updated in a few days, but it has been a bit crazy here. We had a major wind storm come through and the pressure changes gave us all sinus migraines. So most of the weekend was spent jumping on the bed, playing board games in bed, or watching movies in bed. At one point, I let Kerri give me a make-up makeover - in bed. We had to strip the sheets since there was makeup everywhere! Then Kerri and her Daddy stripped her bed too and used everything to create a fort - that took over her entire bedroom floor. It was nice to spend the weekend in pajamas, even if I had way more sheets to launder than normal.

The week did not start off any better. Yesterday Kerri almost got hit by a car. Last night a water main broke and the noise from the repair crews was so loud that hubby had to go to the basement to try and get a few hours of sleep. Kerri ended up sleeping in our bed. This morning the furniture repair person came to evaluate the damage to our furniture that we bought less than two years ago. Pookie did not like him and barked loudly the entire time he was here. Mr. Repairman told me Pookie had to go if and when he came back to fix my couches. Oy.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Nana's birthday with - at her request - a rib roast dinner. And Thursday I will be taking Nana somewhere special for her surprise birthday present. I will post pictures, promise.

Life with Kerri can get crazy!