I just love this kid

He really couldn't get any better to me.  He is so kind to his sisters, tells me he loves me out of the blue several times a day.  Gives me hugs and kisses.  Cuddles with me.  I wish he could just stay this age forever.  I'm really loving it.

Tanner, age 7

Here are some things going on in this kids life right now:

  • He plays baseball.  I feel like the skill level of the other players really went up this year.  It went from t-ball and coach pitch, to kid pitch and kids that can throw and catch better than Shad and I (but they're 6-7 years old!)  We have a lot of catching up to do with Tanner.
  • He read his first chapter book a couple of weeks ago.  A Magic Tree House book.  He loved it and was so proud of himself, so I thought it'd continue (reading).  It didn't.  Which brings me to my next bullet....
  • I told him I'd pay him a buck for every chapter book he reads.  Some people may think that's just awful to bribe him like that.  But I don't.  Money works with this kid.  I remember my Mom bribing me with frozen yogurt when I was little.  If I read 5 chapter books, I got to go out to frozen yogurt with her.  I hated reading back then.  But after those first 5 books, I was hooked and never had to be bribed again.  I'm crossing my fingers.
  • He is obsessed with Ninjago Legos.  
  • He is obsessed with Star Wars.  He watched all of the movies last month for the first time. Playing his toy light sabors are a major part of his day.
  • Lives on Greek yogurt smoothies.  It's all he will eat, unless he's at school (because I can't pack him a smoothie).  Greek yogurt, frozen berries, a squirt of flax oil, a handful of raw oats and xagave.  
  • He loves church.  He loves reading the Book of Mormon. He loves hearing the Bible stories.  He has more faith than anyone I know.  He knows prayer is real and prays fervently everyday for people he knows are sick or for things he wants/needs. 
  • I bought him 4 new pairs of jeans/pants 2 months ago and every single pair has holes in them now.  How does that happen?
  • He's ready for summer break.  He asks everyday how much longer it is until school is out.  I hear you buddy.  I love summer break.
  • He loves playdates.