happy valentine's day!

i saw this on pinterest last month and decided to do it.

basically i surprised shad with a small treat/gift everyday for 14 days.

it's been so fun.  i used to do stuff like this for shad.  a lot.  every time i went out of town, i'd leave a something small, for everyday i was gone.  i remember my mom always doing it for my dad.  i grew up watching it and thinking that was what you were supposed to do.  

i used to be nicer.  truly i was.  i had kinder words to say.  he was the same way.  he actually got me a present every single month on the 22nd, because that was the anniversary of the day we got married.  he did it for 5 years.  

then we had tanner.  

then we had kate.

then we had elle.

things just sort of changed.  

we are more tired, and much of our energy goes into the kids.  we still go on a date once a week, and go on vacations w/o kids when i'm not nursing, but these seemingly small things, like leaving notes for each other,  have gone by the wayside.  

i can't even describe how good for us this has been.  it's so small, but we are both so much happier.  probably a combination of me serving him, so i love him more, and shad feeling more loved.  i don't know.  but it's been magical to me.

it's been a good reminder to me, that the small things really make a difference.

happy valentines shad!  i love you.