Trifling with Cake Scraps

Whenever I make a wedding cake I always have piles of cake scraps left over. They are the remnants from leveling the tops of each cake.

In the summer, when I do three or four wedding cakes a week, there are mountains of cake scraps in the kitchen. And my family thinks they need to eat all of it. They'll gladly eat the cake plain, grabbing bits and bites whenever they walk through the kitchen leaving a trail of cake crumbs wherever they go.

But sometimes they get lucky and there will be leftover cake filling and icing too. In this case that's lemon curd and lemon cream.

I take the leftover cake bits and throw them in a bowl, layering them with whatever is available- cake filling, fresh fruit, jam and my light cream icing.

It ain't purty but I've never heard anyone complain about that. It's a good thing there are going to be lots of cousins and extra people around here this weekend because lemon curd is my favorite and this is not a good thing to have around when I'm still trying to work off my holiday hips.