Our road trip.

On Thursday morning, we packed up the Mama Mobile and went on a road trip.

We made many rest stops on the way, and Pookie would get out of his travel crate to stretch his legs and wait for his Daddy.

And once we made it to our destination, the weary but happy travelers took a break to check out the one bedroom hotel room, courtesy of the Marriott Residence Inn in downtown London.

This was Kerri's living room/bedroom. She had a comfy sleeper sofa. Teddy rested on the coffee table. If you take a close look, you can see the yellow monkey bandanna wrapped around Teddy. That bandanna went to China on our adoption trip. We kept it and gave it to Kerri, and it is one of her treasured keepsakes.

Here is the desk....

The dining room, with Pookie's travel crate in the corner.

The full kitchen had a window that looked into the living room.

Here is another view.

The bathroom did not have a tub, but Kerri loved the shower.

And Pookie made himself comfy in our King size bed, as usual.

On Friday, we went shopping and fell in love with a Canadian department store called TAG. We also went to the White Oaks mall, where Kerri fell in love with a blingy store called Justice. She bought herself clothes and accessories. Then we headed out to our friends' Kerri and Jeff's home and visited with their girls J & J. The girls wasted no time climbing snow mountains, exploring the awesome backyard and then playing indoors.

These faces are begging to play their Nintendo DS games. We told them no, and this was the result. Hubby and I had so much fun chatting away that we did not take any other pictures. We had a wonderful visit! It went by too fast. And we hope they come to visit us soon. Thank you Kerri and Jeff for the warm welcome and your gracious hospitality. You have a beautiful home, and we really enjoyed our visit. Only wish we lived closer so we could get together more often!

When we were heading to our car to leave, Kerri decided to start a snowball fight, which ended up with all three of us soaking wet. We laughed like crazy. Kerri and Jeff must think we are nuts, and wondered why we weren't leaving. :o)

When we got back to the hotel room, Pookie did not come barking to the door to greet us. That normally means he did something bad and he knows it. I found him sitting on our bed, with a prescription medicine bottle in his paws. He had chewed it open. I panicked, wondering if he had eaten any of the medication. We quickly found the pills all scattered on the bed, and thankfully they were all accounted for. I have no idea how he got the bottle, but am so glad he did not eat any of the pills. That was a scary moment.

The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast (the hotel provided food constantly - our first night they offered us dinner, and we had complimentary full breakfasts every morning). We also discovered a pub close by called the Morrisey House. The food there was delicious! We highly recommend you check it out anytime you are in downtown London.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. We packed up and headed back home in really warm and sunny weather. We even had to use our AC in the middle of winter! But that quickly changed by the time we were one hour away from home. The temperature started dropping quickly, and we hit fog and freezing rain. Not fun on a highway! We made it home safe and sound. And slept in this morning. I have no idea how we are all going to wake up early tomorrow for back to school and work schedules.

Life with Kerri had an awesome mini vacation!