Conversations with Kerri. In the car.

On our road trip we heard this many times: "Are we there yet?". But we also had some interesting conversations. This one is my favorite:

Kerri: "When I grow up I want to be a vegetarian."
Mommy: "Do you mean veterinarian? Because a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat or chicken."
Kerri: "No, I meant vegetarian."
Mommy: "Why do you want to be a vegetarian?"
Kerri: "Because I don't want to hurt animals. I don't want animals to die in order for me to eat them. I will only eat them if they die of old age."
Mommy: "Kerri, it does not work that way. Certain animals are bred for consumption. We can't wait for them to die of old age."
Kerri: "I am still going to be a vegetarian when I grow up. I am not going to eat any meat or animals."
Mommy: "OK, but you really don't like fruits and vegetables. I am always asking you to eat more of them."
Kerri: "I don't like all fruits and vegetables, but I will eat the ones I like."
Mommy: "So why wait until you grow up? How about you start being a vegetarian now?"
Kerri: "Nope I am going to wait until I grow up. Because I like eating meat and chicken and bacon."

Life with Kerri is always interesting.