Last night, while hubby tucked Kerri into bed, Nana and I snuck out to do some holiday shopping. We braved the late night cold and crowds, in order to get some of Kerri's gifts. And I think we did pretty good, since I found most of the things I was looking for.

I took Nana home, and then headed back. By the time I arrived home, it was past ten o'clock. I thought it would be safe to come in with all the bags. I was wrong.

As hubby met me at the door and tried to warn me that Kerri was coming down the stairs, one of the toys went off and starting singing (the theme song of one of her favorite TV shows). We know Kerri heard it, so hubby tried to cover it up by - out of the blue - singing over it. Then he ran to the stairs to pick Kerri up and get her back upstairs, telling her that I had to put the groceries away.

After Kerri finally went to sleep, hubby confided that Kerri found my shopping list and read it all, and before he knew what she was doing, told him: "This is what Mom is getting me for Chanukah and Christmas". Oy.

So this morning, I told Kerri I heard she found my list, and I thanked her. She looked surprised. And then I put on the most innocent face I could and told her that I was writing down all the things she asked me to write down for her holiday wish list. She looked a bit disappointed, and I am not sure if she believed me, but she dropped the subject.

And I also left a few toys on the table, and this morning told her I bought them last night to send to one of our friends, Miss G. So she looked them over, and I think we just might have convinced her that I did not buy her anything last night. And that maybe Daddy just likes to sing the theme song to one of her favorite shows for no reason.

Life with Kerri has to think fast on our feet.