camera for sale

it's my old camera.

i think i've been postponing selling it, because i still love it.  honest.

although it's taken almost a year, i've fully switched over to using my new camera, so i'm putting the d40 up for sale...

here's what i'm selling:

  • Nikon d40 body ($250)
  • Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC HSM lens ($350)
  • Nikon DX AF-S nikkor 55-200mm 1: 4-5.6 ED VR ($100)
  • Digital Concepts Close up Lens Set: +1, +2, +4 & 10x MACRO
  • Extra battery and charger
  • 52mm UV filter (fits the Nikon DX AF-S nikkor 55-200mm lens listed above)
The total is $700.  If you buy them all, I'll throw in the close-up lens set, extra battery and charger and 52mm filter.

I've always used UV lens filters, to protect my lenses. The camera body is missing the self-timer button.  Aside from that, the camera body and lenses are all in perfect working order. 

The original kit I bought, came with an 18-55mm lens, which I sold and replaced with the Sigma 30mm (my favorite go-to lens...its' how you get the feet/eyes/hands sharp and the background all blurry...or how you can still take awesome pictures in low-light without a flash).  So the D40 kit box (in the picture below), has everything in it, minus the 18-55mm lens.

Here are some photoshoots I took using the d40 body with the signma 30mm and the Nikkor 55-200mm (I used them equally on photoshoots.  I loved them both):

*the above shot was using the macro filters (listed above)...a cheater's way to getting a macro shot without buying a macro lens for 1000s of dollars.

Lillie also used the same set-up/gear up until she got her new camera in June 2009.  Ainsley uses the D40.  You can take a look at their pictures.

So why did I upgrade if I loved the d40 so much?  I wanted a full frame camera with major ISO capabilities.

Do I regret starting with the d40, should I have just started with the camera I have now (Nikon d700)?  No way.  Shad has asked me this several times.  No way. If I had started with the camera I now own, I wouldn't take pictures because I'd be so frustrated.  The d40 is an awesome starting camera to get when you want to get "wow" pictures that your point and shoot (or cell phone) isn't getting.  You can start in Auto mode and work your way to a Manual mode.  You can buy various lenses.  You can get those sharp eyes/faces with a blurry background.

So if are in need of a Christmas present (or your husband is in need of one for you), this could be it.

If you have any questions, or are interested, email me at

*All of these are just my opinions = )