Christmas Eve.

This year, we decided to have a very low key Christmas, and focus on the things that really mattered most to us: family. So my main task was to recreate hubby's childhood memories of his Grandmother's British Christmas dinners. With help from a friend (thanks Dawn!), I found the recipes I needed to make some of hubby's favorites: minced meat pies, Christmas pudding, and creamed onions. We also had the usual turkey and ham and side dishes.

Carol and Andre
Hubby, Ben, Nana and Kerri
Kerri opening a gift from Carol and Andre
And Pookie the Elf

After dinner, Carol brought home-made cream sauce for the Christmas pudding. I poured brandy over the pudding, and then ignited it. Hubby was ready with a fire extinguisher, just in case. I think Christmas pudding will become a holiday staple in our home from now on. It was delicious!

The most touching part of the evening was when Carol asked us to open her gifts to us. She wanted hubby to have something of her mother's, and something that his grandmother touched and used. It was a beautiful antique silver sugar tong for high tea. Carol told him that it was a shame he had nothing of his grandmother's to remember her by, and that the tongs were something she used every time she and Carol's mum had tea together (which was quite frequently). We will treasure the tongs forever, they are a precious reminder of what we have lost, and someone we will always remember with love.

After a lovely evening, we could not get Kerri to go to sleep. She was too excited. It took hours!

Life with Kerri wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.