A special visit.

Yesterday, Nana and her BFF (best friend forever) Catherine came to visit. I wanted to take a good picture, but I can never get Catherine to keep her eyes open for the shot.

So Kerri decided to give her some tips on how she could keep her eyes open.

And then the silliness started.

And it was pretty serious silliness.

As you can tell, I had to take quite a few pictures to try to get everyone smiling, posing and with their eyes open.

Yeah, at least they finally all had their eyes open.

And then the love fest began.

All the while, I am still trying to get a nice picture.

I think I gave up. Or maybe they did, since they went back to playing.

Oh well, maybe better luck next time.

Thank you for the visit Nana and Catherine!

Life with Kerri had fun last night with some very special people.