A reminder.

Yesterday evening a little boy - maybe around 4-5 years old - knocked on my door. Pookie was barking loudly, and I could see the little boy flinch, but he stood his ground. I had to ask him to repeat himself, since Pookie's barking drowned out his timid voice.

He told me he was collecting cans and boxes of food for the Food Bank. I asked him to wait, got what I could out of the pantry, and then handed it all to him
. At that moment, his Mom and little sister came into view, with a cart full of goods they have been collecting around the neighborhood.

As we all exchanged holiday greetings and blessings, that little boy reminded me you are never too young - or old - to do a good deed for those less fortunate. And how very blessed we are.

I know the holidays are busy, and that sometimes money is tight. But there are families out there who might not have a warm meal, or a meal at all (much less gifts to open). Please find it in your heart to donate non-perishable food items to a Food Bank or charity in your area. Or drop off some toys at a shelter. Or Freecycle those things collecting dust around your house or garage....your trash could be someone's holiday treasure this year.

Life with Kerri is reminded to open our hearts.