We hit the big 60.

Today Kerri went to the doctor. Her asthma has been pretty bad the past 5 days, and I have had 4 sleepless nights. So it was time to have a chat with her cute and wonderful medicine man.

He confirmed there is no infection, and that this is all weather related. He put her on prednisone, a steroid that is going to open her lungs (and her appetite). And we bought a new filter for our humidifier, which is now in Kerri's room for the rest of the winter. She took a breathing test, and then got weighed and measured. Just last week she was 58.8 pounds. Today, she measured 48.2 inches tall, and (shoeless) weighed 60 pounds. And that's before the prednisone!

So we hit the big 60. And then we went to Five Guys to eat, so I think we all gained a bit more weight.

Life with Kerri is growing!