Tanner's list

Tanner was very busy this morning.

Making this....

Dear Santa,
I want a robot for
Christmas to do the dishwasher
and set the table and do my
homework. from Tanner Lamm.

Chores have been a battle lately. He empties the dishwasher before school and sets the table for dinner.

He thinks he's a slave.

We have a 15 minutes discussions every single morning before he empties the dishwasher, about how "unfair" it is that he has to do the dishes.

And every single evening, before he sets the table.

It drives me nuts.

He apparently thinks he can just ask for a Robot and his chores will go away.

Kate though....she's a dream with chores. I ask one time, and she gets up and does it. She even helps Tanner with his without being asked. She is aMAZing with her chores.

BTW, Tanner is convinced that Santa can make anything. And that he will be getting a Robot for Christmas, as long as he's good. (And he's pretty confident that he's good. He's told me.)