Shrimp Chips

The other night, at a special dinner with friends who just happen to be the best home cooks in the Northwest, I learned how to successfully make Phad Thai. I'll tell you all about it. But not right now because I have to run to the airport to pick up my daughter.

But in the mean time I wanted to show you this fun Vietnamese snack we had as a little appetizer.

Shrimp Chips?

These little dried discs were made with shrimp, tapioca flour and seasonings. They were not really edible right out of the package.

They were prepared by dropping them into hot oil in the wok for about fifteen seconds and this is what happened.

They were kind of like a Cheeto in texture, light and puffy with a melt in your mouth quality. They had a nicely seasoned flavor that had only a hint of seafood. Most people thought they were quite additive.

Just one of the interesting and very different menu items we ate at a dinner of Thai and  Vietnamese cuisine.