lillie's family

I just love them.

I really do.

She was in the delivery room when I had my first baby, Tanner. Ross came shortly after with In-and-Out for Shad and I.

We've been to Hawaii 3 times together. We've seen each other happy, grouchy, sad and in tears (maybe not Ross and Shad too often), and elated with joy. We've been around each other all dressed up for a party to rolling out of bed in the morning with bed head and all. We've seen each other in our fit-phases and our chubby-phases. Lillie and I have had highschool-like arguments, but always make-up.

My kids call Ross, Rosco. They actually think that's his name.

Shad and I refer to the whole family as "The Roscos".

Sophie, aka "Sia" in our house, has a special place in my heart. She is sweet, just like my Tanner. She would never purposefully hurt someone's feelings, or leave anyone out. She went through a 2 year phase of telling everyone she was going to marry Tanner. Love that girl.

Mila, reminds me of Lillie. = ) And she's one of Kate's bestfriends.

Finn, I don't know you yet....but I will. You are very chubby. And I love chubby babies.