Dragons and Dungeons

That is what Kerri calls the new game she learned how to play. Her Daddy played "Dungeons and Dragons" as a young boy, and he still talks about it. He recently bought himself a new rules book and the funny shaped dice. Kerri started playing with the dice, so he explained how they worked. Then on Saturday, she asked Daddy to teach her the game. She brought out all her plastic dragon toys, and they played for over an hour. Daddy told a story, dice were rolled, math was done, and Kerri was enthralled.

On Sunday, Kerri asked to play dragons and dungeons again, so Daddy printed out figures on the copier, Nana taped them to cardboard, and then the three musketeers sat down for another game. Even Nana got into it, and hubby sent her a file to her phone so she could start playing with her boyfriend Ben. Hubby's passion seems to be infectious.

Imagine my surprise when I spoke with Kerri's godmother Tammie on the phone last night....it turns out Kerri's godfather David also really like Dungeons and Dragons. Yet another thing they have in common!

I must have been brought up under a rock, because I never heard of the game until I met hubby, and I never showed any real interest in it. And hubby is super thrilled that his daughter has taking a liking to the game. He now has someone to play it with, after all these years!

So everything old is new again. And Daddy gets to re-live his childhood passions.

Life with Kerri is fun and games sometimes.