I ran

For the first time since the Ragnar.

It felt so good.

It was 47 degrees outside.

I couldn't see my breath, but it was almost there.

Such a drastic difference from last time I ran....getting into the 100s during the day. Sweaty, sticky, and parched beyond belief by the time I'd get home.

Wienerschnitzel and Big O Tires were still there to greet me as I ran on by (very picturesque), the same guy on his bike and the same girl on her stilts (yes, some sort of funky, bouncy stilts) out walking.

The smell of horse poop and little piglets were still there as I ran down a neighborhood street (have I mentioned that I sort of live in a tiny un-incorporated country town, in the middle of the bigger "cities"? I see cowboys everyday in their big ol' trucks. I love it)

The scenery, the smells, the crisp weather, my music and running, made for a very good morning.