Weekend updates.

~Kerri got her ears pierced! She watched an older girl cry while her ears were getting pierced. I thought for sure she would change her mind. But she put on a brave face, and got them done - one at a time. She did not cry at all. We then stopped for ice cream to celebrate!

~Kerri also used her birthday money to buy herself a "Fijit Friend". So far, it has told her several jokes and then fell asleep and started snoring. I turned it off so Kerri could get some sleep. I can see this toy becoming the "must have" holiday gift this year for girls. It was sold out at the toy store!

~I finally gave in and bought myself reading glasses, so I would not have to hold my phone an arm's length away to read the screen. I feel older already.

~Kerri has been asking for a sister. First she told me to swallow a seed, grow the baby in my tummy and then poop it out. Then she said we could adopt the child, and it did not have to be a baby or come from China. Then she told me she wanted a foster child as a sister. I have no idea where she heard the term from. She really misses her friends and wants a playmate.

~We are getting ready for winter. That means snow gear, winterize the cars, the home, and eating more hearty meals, soups, and stews. And let's not forget hot chocolate! It is getting colder every day. I am looking forward to snow! Hard to believe I spent over 20 years in Florida. It's in the 30's here and I am only wearing a sweater.

~Yesterday was the ex boyfriend's birthday party, and Kerri had a spooktacular time. Everyone wore their Halloween costumes. Kerri was happy that her ex (and his Daddy) liked the gift and card we picked out. The card had a whoopee cushion in it. Yeah, we know what boys like. Oh, and the gift was a big, beautiful remote control red Corvette.

~Tomorrow we are delivering Halloween treat bags to school, and I have a meeting there to go over Kerri's initial IEP. I am so very glad we finally are getting things in place to help her. And then it's time to go knock on doors in the neighborhood for candy handouts, and hand out our own goodies at our door. And Nana is coming over in costume after work!

~Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!

Life with Kerri is sweet.